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Join My 5 Day Stress Reduction Intervention (with Free 5 Day Access to Coaching)

If you want to sign up for my FREE 5-Day Stress Reduction Intervention, please e-mail and in the subject line please write stress. You will receive an invite to join.

Within the 5-Day intervention, you will have access to me as your personal coach and you can choose to share your work. If you wish, you can receive a PDF summary review of the work completed and recommendations for future steps to help manage your stress.

Over the 5 days you will receive two worksheets, two practical exercises and one visualization exercise. Most of the work is front loaded. meaning the heavy work is at the beginning with the remaining three days to bring the acquired knowledge about yourself into action.

As with most Positive Psychology interventions they are brief but have proven effective backed up by scientific evidence.

One you have completed the programme, I would love your feedback.

Below is a breakdown of what you can expect over the five days:

Day One Your Symptoms of Stress

Day Two Discover Your Stress Profile

Day Three Stress Management Emergency Plan

Day Four Practice the Visualisation for Stress Reduction

Day Five Learn about the S.O.B.O.R Stress Interruption Techniques


It is important that you complete every exercise in order as you won't be able to move onto the next day until you have completed the previous exercise.

Day One

By learning your stress symptoms, you can develop coping skills.

There is a limit to how much stress someone can manage, but the limits can sometimes be difficult to identify, especially when you are in the thick of things. Stress can have psychological and health consequences. Being able to identify markers of stress can help you prevent hitting the brick wall.

Stress can be present at work, within families, school or possibly external stressors such as financial stress, poor health, or stress, that can be as a result of a specific life event.

Day Two

Discover Your Stress Profile.

A stress profile helps you to understand the triggers to stress, stress symptoms and coping behaviours. This day increases your own awareness in readiness for the next day's exercise. This practice promotes effective coping strategies, that will help you to know when to take a break or show some self-compassion.

Day Three

Stress Management Emergency Plan

Today, you will have the opportunity to develop a stress management emergency plan. This involves a personalized plan of action for dealing with the different types of stress you face in your life such as:

  • Time

  • Situational

  • Anticipatory

  • Encounter

Day Four

Practice the Visualisation for Stress Reduction

Stress management can be either proactive or reactive. Proactive involves applying coping skills before stress reaches critical. However, stress management can also be reactive. Reactive stress management skills can be applied when stress levels are high. Today you will have the opportunity to develop essential practice skills for when stress is high (tool created by Joshua Schultz).

Day Five

Learn about the S.O.B.O.R Stress Interruption Techniques

Stress is the body's reaction to feeling threatened or being unable to manage mental and emotional pressure. When under stress we can often react out of habit, as opposed to thinking about the situation more closely. Responding in such a way, essentially means our autopilot has kicked in, Today's exercise allows you to interrupt stress, to step out of autopilot and review the stressful situation for what it is.

As you access the Quenza app, you will have the opportunity to ask me questions and share any feedback you have. I hope you enjoy this opportunity, and would appreciate any feedback you may have.

Again, please sign up here - typing stress in the free text box. Please note I will need an up to date e-mail to send you an invite.

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